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Available by the bottle or by the glass.


Light bodied & quite dry -- a lovely aperitif. A Sunday brunch favorite with orange juice.


Sauvignon Blanc

Crisp, nicely balanced fullness, lingering finish. Great as an aperitif or with salads, chicken and pasta dishes.
Pinot Grigio
Enjoy with lighter fare including Badger Salads.
Chardonnay Enjoy with the Mac & Cheese, chicken and anything creamy.


Cabernet Sauvignon
Enjoy a glass on its own or pair it with a burger or steak.
Merlot Medium-bodied with hints of plum & currant. Good with most all Badger fare.
Old Vine Zinfandel Spicy, full-bodied wine. Good with beef, creamy dishes and seafood.
Pinot Noir This is a wine to enjoy with lighter meats such as pork, or seafood like salmon or tuna.
Malbec Reserve
Full bodied, ripe and rich, this wine has blackberry fruit flavors, a touch of oak, and a dry finish. Perfect with our steak and burgers.

Local Wines

Savage Oakes Vineyard & Winery, Union These wines change often. Please ask for the latest selection of red, white and dessert wines from our neighborhood winery.

In a League of Their Own

Makana Iqhilika Fig Mead, South Africa Taste this and you will feel like you are drinking liquid gold! A perfect balance of fig & honey with a soft, pleasing, dry finish.
Savage Oakes
Taruzakie Sake, Japan
This sake is aged in cedar. It has complex flavors of dry cedar and rich rice. This is the
perfect accompaniment to spicy Asian based dishes as well as seafood.